Film Quiz (1)

1. In 2003, who became the first fictional human being to be nominated for a real-life Academy Award (for Best Original Screenplay)?

2. How many movies has Matt Damon starred in where some part of his character’s name appears in the title of the film?

3. Can you name an actor or actress that has starred in two or more separate films that have exactly the same name, whether it be a remake or an entirely different film?

4. Which Hollywood legend’s real name is Allan Stewart Konigsberg?

5. Which famous actor was the voice of Darth Vader?

6. How many films have Denzel Washington and Tony Scott collaborated on?

7. What is the name of Patrick Bateman’s (American Psycho) younger brother?

8. What are the popular stage names of the 4 main Marx Brothers?

9. Which female actress features on Andy Dufresne’s poster in The Shawshank Redemption?

10. Which 1980s coming-of-age teen drama was adapted from Stephen King’s The Body?

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